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Starlighttek Productions Videography and Live Streaming is a new kind of media tech solutions and delivery services provider with solid background with 30 plus A/V and 16 plus years of streaming and TV broadcasting experience based in Washington DC providing services in New Jersey, New York, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta.

Starlighttek offers Professional Videography and live event Broadcasting/Streaming for any occasion: Weddings, Engagements, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Housewarming, Religious events and Corporate events for our Clients, while revolutionizing the way our clients make use of live video technology with hardware encoders and industry standard gear. 

Our Story Starts in early 2005

Starlighttek Live Event Streaming is, quite simply, the most advanced live streaming video graphy service meticulously designed and  constructed to provde the highest-quality, most feature-rich live streaming service available today. We are proud to offer a premium product that is both high-quality high-tech portable streaming technology while remaining affordable for just about any budget. Our team is made up of the finest professionals , all with years of both real tv broadcasting/IT and live-streaming experience, and we understand all the nuances that are required to ensure your broadcast/live streaming a success. We have been live streaming over 16 plus years from the Infancy of streaming era. We are experts in rich streaming technologies and experience.

Our Professional Work

Part of what makes our company so unique is our simple and efficient workflow, utilizing hardware encoders, switchers, wired and wireless HD broadcasting technology with professional gear and delivery system utilizing our own CDN and optimized video servers which delivers smooth video to online viewers via web(your choice to youtube, facebook, twitch and others), mobile phones to Iphone, Android, Ipad and to tablet in any part of the globe .Our design allows us to stream from locations that typically would be inaccessible. For example, we can go live from any location and from outdoors on the beach, or even from a moving vehicle!

We’d love to take some time to explain our services in greater detail and answer any questions you have. Be sure to contact us today for a quick consultation.We love to travel and are open to any kind of travel, even destination weddings.

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Our Work

Some of our work through the years